Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Anybody still reading this thing? I'm sure Bucks fans will want to set straight's Pete McEntegart:

10 Spot reader Charlotte wonders if the Eagles' Super Bowl loss is at least partially responsible for Philadelphia's standing as the Most Depressed City in a new survey released by Men's Health. The list is compiled on the basis of antidepressant sales, suicide rates and the number of days inhabitants reported being depressed. Indeed, Charlotte may have a point. In addition to frustrated Eagles, Phillies and Sixers fans at No. 1, there's No. 2 Detroit (Lions and Tigers, oh my!), No. 3 St. Petersburg/No. 5 Tampa and No. 6 Indianapolis (can the Colts ever get over the playoff hump?). The sports explanation, though, falls apart when looking at the list of 20 happiest cities, which is topped by Laredo, Texas. Apparently the people in Laredo are still psyched by their streets.
Stiil reading, J - keep up the great work

Chris Perry
Keep up the great work

--hockey fan in Texas
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