Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lance Hornby's Lockout "No-Stars".

Meanwhile Eklund's blog remains a source of optimism. I certainly believe negotiations aren't over; whether anything will truly happen in the next three days, who knows. What's interesting to me is,

A) If this guy is even halfway on the money, it's amazing what the hockey media, being necessarily bound by the strict rules of at least two on-the-record sources, hasn't told us, and

B) Many (fans and journalists alike) have proclaimed the season over at least four times this year. September 15, right after the holidays, January 14 and February 1. Now here we are again.

Thing is, except for Mike Ulmer (see link below), practically everyone who covers hockey, be they pro-player, pro-owner or somewhere in the middle, has at one point or another opined that negotiations won't get anywhere until the gun was to both parties' head. One way or another, maybe we're finally there.
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