Friday, October 22, 2004

Seriously, why do the Laredo Bucks even have training camp? It's not like any of the players on the team actually attend it. Roscoe's annual ritual -- trotting out a big list of Tier II scrubs and, this year, long-shot back-up goalies until the real players show up -- continues unabated.

Yesterday the Bucks added yet another Rampage assignee, Chris Nielsen, and also got back Dube and Weidlich:

The Bracknell Bees regret to report that Serge Dube and Steve Weidlich are leaving the club. This decision comes to us as a complete shock and was very unexpected considering the form we are in at the moment. This decision was solely their own and they have decided to return to their previous club, the Laredo Bucks in the Central Hockey League.

Yeah, that sounds a lot better than

The Bracknell Bees regret to report that, like Guildford's Jason's Baird, these guys figured they could come over here and make as much money as they could from August 15-October 15, then leave, which we always knew might happen.


The Bracknell Bees regret to report that, our import players thought it would be really exotic and cool to play in the U.K. Then they got here, ate some mushy peas, realized the level of play in our country's second best-league is nowhere near the level of play in American's fourth or fifth best league, and high-tailed it back to Texas.

Maybe Bugs fans can find some hope in this new trend. Come back, Craig Minard!

One thing about the Bucks though -- it's easy to get distracted by their talent, or just the fact that Roscoe gets so much out of it. But at last week's Scorpions-Bees exhibition, Shawn Legault talked about the fact that his team was coming off a game against Laredo, while RGV had only played Team Mexico. The way he described the Bucks when making that comparison was "a team with the most unmatchable work ethic in the whole league."
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