Sunday, October 17, 2004

It didn't make the Caller web site, but here's something Greg Rajan wrote up on Friday:


A story in Thursday's Toronto Sun caused ripples around the CHL. The story, on former NHLer turned Fort Worth Brahma Lonny Bohonos, stated he was earning an eye-popping $1,500 per week. The CHL's weekly salary cap is $8,500.

Brahmas general manager Mike Barack said there was miscommunication between the Sun reporter and Brahmas coach Al Sims. Barack said "the question that came up was what possibly could be the highest dollar amount a player could make. . Al said it could be $1,500 and it got reported as Lonny Bohonos makes $1,500."

Barack declined to disclose Bohonos' salary but said it was "commensurate with a high-end player in the Central Hockey League." Barack also said he would seek a correction from the Sun.

Ok, I accept this explanation at face value -- neither Sims nor Bohonos actually meant to publicly admit he makes $1500.

And who exactly does "commensurate with a high-end player in the Central Hockey League" refer to? Joe Burton? Don Parsons? Greg Pankewicz? Brent Cullaton?

Meanwhile, every team in the league received a fax on Friday reminding them of the salary cap rules and penalties. A coincidence I'm sure.

Moving on... does this mean the Bees are better than the Rayz? Actually, no -- at least not based on Rio's game against the Scorps. New Mexico looks very good, but Bees coach Tracey Egeland said he was disappointed with the work ethic of every single one of his returning players in that game.

Bats fans are buzzing about defenseman Vinnie Jonasson, who had two goals and an assist on Friday. He's a Rayz castoff who didn't do too badly on that awful Lubbock team; after the Bees-Scorps game Daniel Tetrault spoke highly of him. (Tetrault and Jonasson both played for the CHL All-Star team otherwise known as the mid-'90s Brandon Wheat Kings).

And speaking of Tetrault, if the Bats don't make a run at the division title, with 80-90 points from Richards, that trade's not gonna look so good -- even though it simply had to happen at the time, and the trade itself is probably what shook Tetrault from his languor. The former CHL Defenseman of the Year -- a non-veteran, unlike Austin's two ex-Scorps -- looks to be in top physical condition, is already playing with great confidence and has apparently been given the "C" by Bill McDonald.

Hey, maybe Steve Belkin could help out the Toronto Sun with that retraction.
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