Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A brief alumni transaction round-up:

Tuesday: ex-Brahma Lee Jacobson, fresh from a year of boxing, to Mississippi. Mike Minard, who no longer has to worry about getting jerked around by an NHL team, to Columbia, along with Greg Amadio. And goaltender Mark Cairns to Augusta.

Monday: Chris Minard to Alaska.

Older news: Marco Emond and Dan McIntyre are teammates/roommates up in Flint.

And hey, it turns out Ken Hitchcock really does want another chance to pick on Lukowich!.

The exiled Flyers coach will spend next week in Corpus, working with the Scorps and Rayz.

Hitch has always been a great supporter of the CHL, and it's a great thing for those players. Let's face it, the man is incapable of going seven or eight days in a row without teaching some hockey.

Advice to Shawn Legault: read up on Antietam.
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