Sunday, September 19, 2004

Question --- I know Jeremy Roenick isn't worth $7.5 million a year, but is Gary Bettman worth the reported $3 million a year he makes? The Hockey News also says that, unlike Bob Goodenow, he's not taking a pay cut -- even as NHL and team employees lose their jobs

Regardless of what needs to be fixed about the system, it couldn't be any simpler than Dan Wetzel says: If [Bettman] hadn't failed at his job the past dozen years, hockey wouldn't be in such dire straights.

Another interesting tidbit from THN's yearbook regarding parity:

12 different teams have taken 12 spots in the Stanley Cup semifinals the last three years.

Only 9 teams have been in the NBA and NFL semifinals during that period. Baseball had 11.

Over the past three seasons Anaheim, Calgary, Carolina, Minnesota, San Jose and Tampa Bay have won a combined 19 playoff rounds -- the exact same number as Detroit, Colorado, Dallas, Toronto, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

For the two people who haven't seen it, here's the much-talked about Nike ad that will probably never air in the US -- just like you're more likely to see extra LaSalle-Duquesne basketball games on ESPN2 instead of anything with ice.

And yet he still has more cred than Joe Milano: Meet the Danbury Trashers' teenage owner.

Ok, so the Panthers' actual losses were 17.5 million. That's according to then-employee and current Ice Bats co-owner Jeff Cogen. Funny, you never hear Gary Bettman use phrases like "standard accounting practices" and "amortization." If the Levitt Report used Florida's $64 million number then it really is a sham, just like the Rangers' reported losses of 30-40 million each of the last two years.
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