Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hey, ya think maybe Brett Hull should have played last night? Somewhere along the way Ron Wilson went from sending a message to laying down an ideology.

Everyone talked about how exciting the World Cup was gonna be -- megastar international teams under NHL rules! -- but by the time the dust settled, none of the squads besides Canada were any deeper than, say, the Flyers or the Avs.

And for all the scoring chances that we saw in last night's game, it could have been the Wild vs. Sens (Hull probably doesn't think he missed much).

I also can't believe Esche said the goals were fluky. You get three guys in the slot and put the puck there, someone tends to get a bounce. You leave Saku Koivu wide open at the back-door five-on-five and so what if the set-up had to get there through some skates?

The intensity should rise tonight with Canada involved, but I'm also not sure anyone can beat them, with or without Brodeur. I think I'm rooting for the Czechs -- would make a better final, both in terms of competition and the passion of a European rivalry.
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