Friday, September 24, 2004

Hey, The Farm Report is back. Did you know that Jason Bermingham and Tim Findlay were the leading scorers in Arkansas hockey history?

And I know the good people of Harlingen won't like this comparison, but on a common sense level, putting a CHL team there would be like putting a CHL team in Cedar Park while keeping the Bats in Travis County too. I know it's the fastest growing region in the country, but do the Killer Bees and Global really see this working? Or is the vague promise of a hockey team simply a way to give the project legs?

What do you suppose the Governors are talking about right now? Glen Rosales in New Mexico mentions that players paying for their own insurance was a key concern, something the Brahmas were obviously clued in on. I still predict some kind of higher cap number as well as a limit on how many locked-out NHLers teams can sign.
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