Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Aeros training camp: 14 players with a combined 908 games of NHL experience, including 11 players who saw NHL action last year. They've got 9 of the Wild's top ten prospects, and two of Dallas'.

And speaking of Dallas, still wondering about that. Rumor mill says the Blazers are still in the hunt. Another source tells me he's was always heading for the "E." And my common sense (or maybe wishful thinking) says he's gonna want to be in Austin, where his brother Ryan now lives year-round. Who knows, under the right circumstances (a vet on call-up to the Aeros) the two could take the ice together.

As for what the Board of Governors decided, maybe I meant Tuesday. But I'm about to get in the car for eight hours, so don't expect an update here.
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