Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Questions of the day, regarding other leagues.

I know their arena's not complete, but how is it possible the UHL Danbury Trashers aren't selling tickets yet? The home opener is in just over six weeks! As I told a friend of mine in New York City, the good news is, if they were truly fly-by-night and in danger of not playing, you'd expect just the opposite.

The ECHL already shut down Greensboro and Roanoke. With slow construction in Victoria, might another team get taken off the schedule, albeit for just one season? Salmon Kings ticket sales have been real good, but given that this is the league's first Canadian market and many in the city wanted the WHL, it would make sense to wait instead of giving them a patchwork year of not-so-homey home games.

And oh yeah, if this happens, where does Ryan Finnerty end up? And speaking of Greensboro (where brand new Cotton King Matt Turek came from)... "dismemberment?"

Meanwhile, it looks like former WHA2 flagship Orlando will not play in the SPHL.

Which reminds me, when's the WHA season start?
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