Sunday, August 29, 2004

The latest Hockey News reports that the NHL has gone back to normal waiver rules regarding who can and can't be sent down to the "A" during a lockout (as opposed to the "50 game rule"). This is good news for the lower leagues, and makes it even more possible that teams won't actually need an affiliation to pick up the odd two-way contract.

Also in THN, Ottawa and Binghamton's Ray Emery is the latest sieve to bitch about the 10-inch pad proposal, which the AHL has actually tabled until 2005-2006.

Here's what I don't get -- wouldn't the other team's goalie also have the smaller pads? And isn't the object of the game for the TEAM to score more goals than the other TEAM? That's not to say smaller pads or bigger nets are the answer to hockey's offensive stasis, but even the goaltending community's real concern -- that higher GAAs could equal smaller contracts -- doesn't make sense if the scoring increase was leaguewide.

Which isn't to say the trap and defense-first did not put money in some goalies' pockets. Anyways, if it's good enough for Patrick Roy...
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