Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Fair is fair: JR settled down after the first period.

To the Flint Generals: former Bucks Gabriel Proulx and Marco Emond. Emond will form a tandem with ex-Bat and recent bridegroom Dan McIntyre (congratulations Dan!).

Also: former Outlaw (and oh yeah, Ice Bat) Kris Waltze -- does this mean Legault could be a Gen?

And one more: the always scrappy and serviceable former Ray, Bat, Outlaw, Saint, Jackalope and Gorilla Brent Currie (who's not quite a vet up in the U). It's funny -- when Currie didn't make the Bats last fall, it was thought he was competing for a spot with Derek Stone. In hindsight, you can almost say he would have been an upgrade over every d-man Austin went with out of camp except for Stone.
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