Friday, July 23, 2004

Well, I'm surprised! Dave MacIntyre to Wichita for Mark Kolesar. The Thunder get the rights to a productive, gritty veteran who... yeah, they don't waste any time complaining at GR -- "could be a wasted vet spot."

Right. Lubbock's captain, who should have been the C-Kings all-star rep last season, was coveted by at least three other teams, which does bring up some questions:

1. Was this the only deal Lubbock could make, especially after MacIntyre spurned the C-Kings' last-minute change of heart to bring him back?

2. Could he still end up in Austin, meaning that the C-Kings simply didn't want to send him to a conference rival, except at a high price?

3. Could he still end up on one of several other teams, meaning that Lubbock simply wasn't interested in sending him where he most wanted to go?

4. Am I talking completely out of my ass here and both MacIntyre and Kolesar will sign with their new teams by lunchtime? It's certainly an even deal (Kolesar wore the "C" as well).

5. Or is this a completely unglamorous swap of two players weren't coming back to their old clubs anyway, with one or both ending up outside the CHL?

Oops, this just in, Chris Dashney says they are in the process of getting Kolesar signed. Yeah, you don't hype someone as a "former Maple Leaf" unless you know you're gonna get him.
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