Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ok, I guess it's time to blog again.

A quick look at The Farm Report reveals that Todd Brost is staying with the Jackals -- and that the local paper needs a mileage calculator:

The Brosts are from Calgary in Alberta, about 2,250 miles away, as the car travels. But at least Elmira is closer than El Paso, Texas, where Brost coached in the Western Professional Hockey League for four seasons before he came here.

According to Yahoo, Elmira to Calgary is 2406.6 miles.

El Paso to Calgary? 1949.8 miles, and you don't even cross time zones. Hell, once you get to Cruces you go the first 1060 miles without turning!

Not that I'm saying the guy should still be in El Paso, what with them not having a team and all. At the time, Brost's move was trumpeted as "upwards," to a slightly better league with more proximity to Canada and better NHL connections (via Brost's old National Team mentor Dave King). But besides all that, Brost knew exactly what he was escaping from (meaning Bill Davidson, not the people or the city).

Meanwhile, Elmira has supposedly lost the services of Randy Murphy. Is the speedy star already locked up by ex-teammate Joe Ferras or do the Scorps still have a shot?

And how 'bout the UHL, holding an expansion draft (and allowing a trade) before one of the teams technically exists? Apparently Garry Unger (coach of the Michigan team) has rounded up the usual suspects, picking up the rights to former players Dallas Anderson and Justin Ossachuk as well as Dave Shields, Barry McKinlay and Dan Price.

Thanks to those of you who wondered where I was. Just taking some time off -- first to focus solely on the NHL(I understand there was some sort of controversial CHL game the night of Flyers-Leafs Game 3?) and then just for the hell of it. I also dislike the latest version of the Blogger software, though I suppose that I'll get used to it.
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