Friday, July 23, 2004

I'm all for bad blood and Vince McMahon-type trash-talk, but even I, who can barely stand to read the Bugs board anymore, think the wound is still too raw for Laredo's president to say, we did not want their season opener this year to be as disappointing as their postseason ending was last April. That's just not classy.

Oh well, at least Jason Rent also understands it's good for business. Can you say, Rufus Lopez Voodoo Doll night?

One pet peeve though: there was only one disputed goal. Bossier's so-called score was not "waved off," but rather, never happened. That play was as crystal-clear as the Bucks' winner was uncertain. You can't unblow a whistle, and the rule book is clear about the fact that the referee's intent to do so counts more than the actual noise.
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