Thursday, July 29, 2004

Equally interesting (and gracious) comments from Chad Spurr, who is returning to the ECHL.

Spurr's a great player, but so were Kelly Smart, Dan Price, Ken Carroll and -- this just in -- Blaz Emersic. The problem is, he could still lose out on ice time and call-ups if there are enough 22 year-old Blackhawks prospects in the dressing room.

The Europe thing makes sense though -- some countries won't even give you a visa if you haven't played ECHL or higher.

And he didn't even say, "Rufus made me do it!" Presumably, Spurr knows that the ECHL also uses home goal judges, also doesn't have video replay and had a near-identical controversy in its most recent playoffs (albeit at a less critical time, and with a happier ending for the team it went against).
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