Saturday, April 10, 2004


Wow, the 'Rillas haven't even lost the series and one fan is already making excuses.

Seriously though, no DeSantis really changes things. Or maybe Laredo took away home ice advantage when broadcaster Joe Dominey ate the city of Amarillo.

Meanwhile, it's funny how people can be so shocked by Shepherd's hit on Wildfong (hey, remember that?), and so quick to accuse the refs of not caring about player safety when it's one of their guys, yet they'll bring up the fact that the Thunder player was out for the next faceoff after getting speared.

Might he have embellished? Sure. Does it matter? No. Believing that it does is either morally suspect (i.e., "if he didn't get hurt badly, it shouldn't be such a harsh penalty") or a misunderstanding of the rules. See, a slash, cross-check or high-stick can be a minor, double-minor or a major, depending on the circumstances, and there's no such thing as an "attempted elbow." But spearing is an automatic major/game misconduct, and attempted spearing is always a double-minor.

Expect the Bugs to take another tight one on home ice tonight (and then go on to win the Cup). Gotta figure Amarillo's chances depend on the health of their defensemen.

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