Friday, April 16, 2004

The UHL never passes up a chance to piss on its competitor, as per Fort Wayne's Michael Franke:

If they do bring the United States Hockey League to Indianapolis, in my opinion that will be a disaster. From what I understand, when the Indianapolis fans come up here, their biggest disappointment with the Central Hockey League was the level of play. This will be worse.

(Thanks to the Farm Report for that one, and welcome back.)

Dallas Anderson/Justin Ossachuk update.

Man, that Leon Stickle is almost as famous as Bill Buckner.

Big off-season news for Memphis, which gets back Riley Cote and has already signed Mathieu and Parsons.

Meanwhile, the Killer Bees lock up their coach. With Egeland back, the Bats likely to do better, Laredo able to rebuild with ease and Monday's Corpus press conference, I expect next year's Southeast division (as currently constituted) to be as tough as the Northwest was this year.

Joe Ferras played the "they don't respect us" card several times during the conference finals. Thing is, once Laredo gave the 'Rillas their respect, they won three games in a row.

Of course, the loss of DeSantis -- with whom the 'Rillas were 4-1 against the Bucks, as opposed to 0-3 without him -- was just huge. Hmmmh, maybe the 'Rillas should have gotten a big close-up color shot of DeSantis' injury into the newspaper for rallying cry purposes. As the Ribeiro incident reminded us (before it got overshadowed by the Kovalev incident) you're just not supposed to call attention to those things, whether it's a bruise, a busted nose or a career-threatening fracture.

And finally, for a little comedy, check out the Laurienzo Peewee Hockey League Disclaimer (thanks Patty!).

Miron President's Cup Final predictions will consume the blog from here on out.
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