Tuesday, April 13, 2004

So who's gonna hire Ken McRae (or is he moving to Topeka)?

Yes, the demise of the Ice is now reality -- a sad thing for Indy hockey fans who had been subject to Horn Chen's whims these last few years, since, let's face it, the team originally joined the CHL for the wrong reasons, and it became part of the post-merger CHL for the wrong reasons.

Despite all that, they enjoyed something (a championship) that eight of the nine surviving WPHL teams still don't have, plus success the last two years.

With business interests to protect in Wichita, Indy, Topeka and (apparently) Danville -- I can understand why this was cloak and dagger -- it's not like they were gonna make the announcement before the playoffs, then call Game 4 a going away party. Fans naturally feel hurt and cheated by this process, as if ownership doesn't care about their passion. That's because they don't. And so it goes every time a team moves, folds or goes into bankruptcy. Just hope they've paid their bills, especially any money owed to current season ticket holders.

With the current Ice board tied to the team's official site, fans have formed a new one.
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