Friday, April 02, 2004

So what am I supposed to do now, argue with Dan Wildfong's mother?

Anyway, that thread and other responses means I'll write about this topic one more time, but not tonight.

Y'know, I bet Jim Shepherd has a mother too. Think some helpful fan made sure his family saw the "Wanted" poster, and the comments certain Bugs fans made about him?

On to more mundane affairs: A $5400 suspension for Darcy Verot (that would have been two months salary back in his Lake Charles days).

Should the Memphis RiverKings take after the New York Giants, or the New England Patriots?

Good businessy post-mortem on the Eagles' season.

Shouldn't the Butch Kaebel picture have a style credit? Y'know, "shirt and tie by Ken Hitchcock, leather jacket by Ken Wahl?"

Also, regarding that trip to Boston, is this more of a shoot the breeze, talk to AHL scouts and other college coaches networking sort of deal, like going to the NHL draft? Or could we actually see someone from Maine, BC, Minny-Duluth or Denver playing for the Oilers?

And finally, wouldn't want to go into the off-season without one last Killer Bees link.

And the Bees added two inaugural season firsts when RGV and the Bucks shook hands before leaving the ice.

The way that's written almost makes it seem like, "hey, 33 games at Dodge Arena and the two teams never bothered to shake hands before!" But was it true that the two coaches didn't shake? And what was the second inaugural season first?
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