Friday, April 30, 2004

Never mind that whole Game 7 thing, how 'bout a quick game of "future considerations spin?"

Jeff Greenlaw on Brownlee and Carper:

Both players are now veterans, and both have indicated they're retiring.

On the other hand, Al Sims:

These two players are both proven, capable, veteran defenseman in this league. They would both make welcome additions to our roster. One of my number one priorities this off season is to improve our defensive corps, and the acquisition of these two players gives us a good chance to do just that.

My two cents on that one: McCallum alone would have been a fair trade for Belecki, simply because there wasn't any market for him at the time. If Sims can change the mind of one or both of the defensemen, it would be a bonus.

More intriguing: Amarillo's acquisition of Brent Hughes and Darryl McArthur, completing the Carper-for-Joey Bastien deal.

Greenlaw: Brent told me he was looking to play in another league next year, and Darryl plans to play in Germany. Given that, it made no sense to protect their rights and risk losing two other players who are interested in returning.

Now here's Hughes himself, in the Amarillo paper:

John [Dean] and I played on a couple of championship teams in Thornhill (Ontario Provincial Junior A) and we have kept in touch since. It's a nice fit. Obviously, when you are traded, you want to go somewhere the team is winning and this is a great opportunity. Amarillo wanted me and they had a great year going to the semifinals. Now I want to help them go to the finals.

I don't think losing "Little Hughesy" is the worst thing in the world, but it would seem that something isn't right with that one.
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