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Current total: 10 for Bossier, 6 for Laredo. I'm with the former group, and could even see it going down in five, just as it did for Memphis the last two years. If not, the Bucks win Game 6 but Carroll is the difference in the clincher.

Josh Bogorad, Corpus Christi Rayz
Bossier-Shreveport in 6

I got to see both teams quite frequently this season, and am looking forward to what should be a great championship. I believe Laredo has the more talent of the two squads; however Bossier-Shreveport plays perfect team games, and systematically breaks down their opponents. Both teams play so well with the lead that the early goals may end up deciding the championship. Bossier-Shreveport was pushed to five games in the first round by a good Indianapolis team, however I think it was a learning experience for them, as they were up 2-0 and may have let off a bit. I do not foresee them doing that against Laredo should the same occur. Both teams are very deserving of the President's Cup, and it should be a great match-up, from the players to the goaltenders to the coaches. The Mudbugs were 2-1 against Laredo this season, including wins in the two most recent games and a win at the LEC, proving they can steal games there. In the end, I think that Bossier-Shreveport will use their systems and complete team effort to win the championship.

Matt Marshall, Lubbock Cotton Kings
Mudbugs in 6

The Mudbugs were voted the hardest working team in the CHL by the players, coaches and PR guys. If their goaltending stays healthy, I can't see them losing. Remember, Ken Carroll has won before and that should be the difference-maker! In the Northern Conference Final, the Bugs had 63 more shots against (186-123) but scored seven more goals (17GF,10GA). Timely scoring with a defense-first system and Carroll's heathy groin should all but engrave their team on the cup. Laredo is a team with tons of talent, and after broadcasting several games for them in the conference finals, I know they have some heart too. They have knocked off teams with all-star caliber goaltending, starting in the first round with Jeff Levy and then in the Southern Conference Finals with Shawn Degagne. To win, they will need to play like Terry Ruskowski coaches - with intensity and desperation.

Josh Evans, Oklahoma City Blazers
Bossier-Shreveport in 6

I'm at a bit of a disadvantage because I haven't seen Laredo play. I like Shreveport in six for three reasons. First, the Bugs are older and know how to win. Second, the Bugs work really hard. Lastly, I think Ken Carroll will outplay the Laredo goaltenders. If any of those don't fall into place, Laredo will come out on top. I think the two best teams are playing for the title.

Jeff Bowerman, Fort Worth Brahmas
Mudbugs in 7

Experience, goaltending, tenacity will pay off for the 'Bugs. Bossier knows how to win, and will do so in a hard fought seven game series. Bugs are also better defensively and have better depth at forward. Ken Carroll will be the series MVP.

Ken Richardson, Corpus Christi Rayz
Bugs in 5

Laredo doesn't know how to lose, but the Bugs have depth and experience in playoffs. Composure is the key. Are the legs in the Bugs room too old for a long series?

Barry Lewis, Tulsa World
Mudbugs in 5

Carroll will be playoff MVP

Darrell Blair, Daily Coloradoan
Bossier-Shreveport in 6

No offense to the Southern Conference, but life was rougher this season in the North and the Mudbugs have weathered
the storm.

Adam Davis, Fort Worth Brahmas
Bucks in 6

Too much offense, too many scorers -- the Bucks have too much talent for Bossier to shut them down.

Paul Harris, San Angelo Standard-Times
Laredo in 7

I've not had the privilege of seeing Shreveport play, but I've seen Laredo several times and they were the real deal. Both of these teams were just awesome at home, but I expect one road win by each team in the series. I would probably pick Laredo convincingly over anyone else, but this is going to be one closely-fought, entertaining series. I'm going with Laredo in a deciding seventh game. Laredo was just too dominant all season and I can't see them letting up now.

Patrick Hancock, CHL-Underground
Bossier in 6

I think that the Mudbugs are a more gritty team. I think that the Bucks had it easy throughout most of the season. Bossier and Muscutt will have the Bucks number.

Mitch Cooper, CHL-Underground
Bucks in 6

Talk about a tough series. Everybody thought Laredo would run away with everything based on their regular season record, but they showed they weren't Supermen during the Amarillo series. Shreveport might just be the Kryptonite that weakens the Bucks and steals the Cup and no one should be surprised if they do. If the Bugs can stay out of the penalty box, they have a good shot. If not, Laredo will power-play goal them to death.

Todd Vinyard, Memphis Commercial-Appeal
Bucks in 6

This should be a great series that goes six games. Bossier-Shreveport really appeared to be a team on a mission this season. But Laredo was the best team I saw in the Central Hockey League this year, so I'll say the Bucks will win the Cup.

Greg Rajan, Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Bossier-Shreveport in 6

The Bugs have showed they can win in Laredo and have better depth than the Bucks. It will be interesting to see Laredo face an offense like Shreveport's after feasting on the pop-gun attacks of Austin, Corpus and RGV. Give the nod to the Bugs because of their championship experience and Carroll in goal. A fitting possible farewell for the likes of Buchanan and Sprott.

Adam Zuvanich, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Laredo in 6

Every game will be decided by two goals or less, with two overtime contests somewhere in the mix. The Bucks and Bugs might set a CHL record for penalty minutes in a playoff series. Bes will take the MVP award, but Fonger and Carroll will keep it close.

Glen Norman, Austin Ice Bats
Bucks in 6

This is the one that (unfortunately) will have Laredo fans crowing for years to come, and resurrect all those CHL "officiating conspiracy theories" among Bossier fans. In addition to accurately predicting Colorado's ouster in the opening round, I've said all season that Laredo is an AHL team hiding in CHL colors. I've seen little to dissuade me from that. Even though the Bugs will shut them down at times, the Bucks have too many weapons... and oh, by the way, play pretty good defense too.

Paul Fioroni, Lubbock Cotton Kings
Shreveport in 6

Played against them in the [2000-2001 WPHL] finals, so I know that Muscutt builds his teams for championships. I think the Mudbugs have a lot more character all around, and obviously more championship experience. Dont get me wrong, Laredo will give them a run. But I believe they will run out of steam playing the hard-working, well-disciplined Mudbugs. I know first hand how hard it is to break open a hot Kenny Carroll. He killed us in the finals, and I think we had a similar team to what Laredo has: offense, defense and toughness. I just think Shreveport brings it to another level. Hope it goes seven, but have to stick with Mudbugs in six.

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