Friday, April 09, 2004

Guess the conventional wisdom took it on the chin last night (and suddenly those Bucks fans crying about the 2-3-2 don't look so stupid either). That performance by Shawn DeGagne and the 'Rillas penalty kill must have been as good as the one I saw by Jimmy Howard and his Maine teammates.

Surprising?. Of course. But remember, Amarillo was 2-0 against the Bucks in the regular season.

That didn't stop people (including me) from predicting a Laredo cakewalk, but what we're seeing now is the 'Rillas of October through January, when Shawn DeGagne was the best goalie in the league and they were a dominant division leader.

As opposed to the 'Rillas of February and March: 8-13-1, 3.52 team GAA, coughed up the Southwest title.

But most of all, it's about the special teams: keep their PP in check and the Bucks go from four or five goals-per-game to two or three but quick.

Of course, they could also break out for a half-dozen anytime. Most likely it will end up at 2-2 tonight, and even if the 'Rillas take it back to the border up a game, Laredo's perfectly capable of winning both at home. Either way, we've got ourselves a series.

Regarding the Thunder's status for next season: didn't anyone realize that my April Fool's post was only one-thirds a joke?

And finally, who needs the Master's? Killer Bee Kevin Mackie already has his green jacket.
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