Friday, April 02, 2004

A few excerpts from my morning e-mail (from four different correspondents):

What the heck did you say about Wildfong that elicited that response from his mom?... I've read everything you've blogged and I don't remember anything controversial.

Ya really stirred up the homers down in Bugsville. hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like you're getting quite a few hits on your page. Someone oughta pay to advertise there. Perhaps a Shreveport casino?

It's just too bad that sarcasm and wit don't seem to translate well from print to certain people's brains. And I have a feeling Dan just smiled that infamous on-ice grin of his when he heard about all of this.

And then there's this comment.

Now, I'd say she's both more eloquent and less hysterical than Buba, but the principle is still the same: when you're someone's mommy, the kid can do no wrong, and that pretty much describes the way many fans in Bossier-Shreveport feel about anyone who's ever worn the Mudbugs sweater. And the way RiverKings fans felt about Luch Nasato, and Bats fans about Shawn Legault, and Corpus fans about Brad Wingfield, and so on and so on.

Now, I would never say Dan Wildfong "had it coming," and I don't believe my original comments had anything to do with him as a player or a person either (Mom and Pop Muscutt, did you even bother passing on the other post where I said he was "one of my very favorite players?"). This was never about him, but rather the surrounding atmosphere of hysteria and spin.

Dan Wildfong's heart? Never in question. The pain he's been in 'cause of injuries? i wouldn't even want to type with 'em, let alone play hockey.

But we do have to remember that A) Fonger has done his share of dirty deeds (I'm guessing his mother didn't raise Danny to bite people) and B) his JOB is to do nasty things to other players so that they might do nasty things to him, to get them off their game and/or in the box.

Scott Muscutt knows that as well as anybody (these comments are from the link above):

Yes, I want Danny Wildfong on the edge. Is he going to be able to get away with things? No. He is a marked man by the Central League. At the same time I have to be very careful as a coach as to how hard I pull on those reigns. There is a certain amount of Wildfong mentality that he has to have in order to be his best. Danny has got to be able to recognize himself that the Central Hockey League is trying very, very hard to clamp down on all injuries. Hockey is a rough sport, injuries are going to happen on their own. They don't want players crossing that line."

But when you live on the line, sometimes it gets crossed. Wildfong did it in October. Jim Shepherd did it this past Sunday.
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