Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Don McKee returns, and three Jacks players are re-signing (not resigning).

The story also mentions that CHL teams will no longer have the option to employ a full-time, on-the-bench assistant coach -- though that doesn't mean you can't have someone in the front office who also helps out with practice, and as a set of eyes up high. Certainly makes it easier for Lubbock to negotiate with any potential new hire!

The Coloradoan also confirms various other changes that have been rumored for some time: four vets instead of five, 17 players on ice with an 18th in the stands, and the switch from three "rookies" with fewer than 25 games to five players with fewer than 128.

If Cotton King Paul Fioroni takes any penalties this summer, it will be for unauthorized watering. Hack 'N' Whack Lawn Care, ya gotta love it.

Here's the latest from Galveston, the Caller story on McRae and Larry Linde and word of a SEHL/WHA2 merger.

And finally, while I've already said the same as Legault Jr. as far as the Southeast coaches, and am loathe to take him seriously enough to even argue about something (a mistake everybody on GR makes, much to his delight), it is amazing to realize that, in fact, not one single Southern team has ever won a championship (R.I.P., El Paso). Up north, seven cities out of nine have done it, if you still count the Ice and include the Fire. The Northern Conference also has four CHL/WPHL champion coaches - Stewart, Sauter, Muscutt and McDonald -- to zero for the south.

But I've got no problem with people pulling for a divisional opponent -- you bet your ass it reflects better on Austin and Rio Grande if Laredo lifts the Cup. Sure, the North was top-to-bottom tougher, but Wichita and Indy's record would have looked a lot more like the Bees' if they'd played the Bucks a dozen times, while Austin (for the first time in franchise history) wouldn't have minded more games against the Bugs.
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