Sunday, April 18, 2004

Best of luck to Pat Burns in his fight with cancer. Larry Brooks got ahead of himself this time (though I do believe that if Lamoriello has to do the same thing Bobby Clarke did, he surely will).

"Danton agrees to extradition" is a bad headline, 'cause it made me think he's going back to Canada. Here's today's Post-Dispatch story. And here's an old piece on the guy's agent (Danton being Mike Jefferson back then. Thanks to Jo and friends in Canada for the link).

Ken McRae is headed to the beach.

And finally, on the eve of Game 1, it's a veritable lovefest. "You guys are great." "No, you are." That'll change -- unless of course the two teams are united by their distaste for referees. "It'll be a great series," someone cracked to me. "One team will win in spite of the officiating, the other one will lose because of it."
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