Saturday, March 13, 2004


Yup, even with 15,000 people enjoying Big Ten hoops downtown, Tonya and the Ice drew 7713. How dare they?

See, it's easy for the Eagles to join the high and mighty chorus -- they're sold out every night, and play in the only CHL market where hockey is woven into the region, with the NHL and D-1 Denver U just down the road.

"I don't agree with it at all. I'm a hockey purist by nature. The dog and pony show they're doing in Indianapolis has nothing to reflect on us at all," said Chris Stewart, who previously enjoyed many successful nights in San Antonio coaching in front of the hockey purists of "Iguanas dollar beer night."

See, CHL coaches and players have every right to feel they're only in the hockey business. And people like me -- and people like you who care enough about the CHL to read my nonsense -- can pretend they are as well. But this is also the entertainment business, and hell yeah, that means a little P.T. Barnum, Bill Graham or Vince McMahon. Without the occasional dog and pony show, some of those players would not have jobs, and some of us would not have teams to root for.

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