Sunday, March 28, 2004

So all that talk out of Fort Collins was correct: a team can dig itself out of a 2-0 hole away from home.

And that team is San Angelo. Scott Reid re-takes the spotlight from DeGagne, and the Saints manage to kill off the last part of the game playing four-on-six.

It hardly seems fair that Ken Carroll took the loss in Indy, though that doesn't mean Jeff Blair should be the scapegoat. The Bugs are known for changing up the goalie on occasion in the playoffs -- the fans even predicted this one. I'm sure the one thing Scott Muscutt didn't want was for Indy's top line of Baird, Dumba and Gilmore (plus John) to be the best players in the game. Can they do that again on Tuesday, or will Carroll slam the door?

Once again: dopey Colorado fan, classy Colorado fan.

Though come to think of it, while I usually chafe at such conspiracy theories, in this case it's probably true: every single fan, owner and opposing coach wanted the New York Yankees of the CHL to lose this series.

But no, I don't think Wayne Bonney, Mark Hulshof or anyone else who worked it felt that way. And as the Thunder fans have pointed out, Bonney and Laxdal butted heads just last weekend.

Anyway, never mind what was or wasn't legal, never mind if the lucre came from Wilkes Barre or San Antone-- the bottom line is Bach, Swanson, Thompson, Crowe, Pankewicz, Tobler and Nelson likely earned as much as Wichita's entire roster, only to end up like Detroit, Colorado and Dallas did against the low-rent Ducks and Wild last year.

Also, for the allegedly hockey-savvy Coloradoans who got so worked up about Wichita's illegal sticks, how 'bout that too many men on the ice penalty? That's right, the Eagles couldn't beat Wichita with six skaters, so they tried to get away with seven. What a bunch of cheaters!

Funny that Ken Hitchcock would rip Senators beat writers for being homers. Funnier that one of them wrote about it. Funniest, Hitch's description of the effect it had on Philly's hacks. But if I were him, I'd be more worried about having to see those Ottawans in the first round of the playoffs -- not that playing New Jersey would be any simpler.

Meanwhile, no one's gonna call Mike Heika a homer based on this column.
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