Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Last year I was able to predict all the Ice Bats Post-Season Awards. This year, I'm not so sure.

Outstanding Rookie: That one's easy -- Brent Hughes

Outstanding Defenseman: If Derek Stone wasn't outstanding, he was the cream of the crop. Carper also deserves consideration, but I don't think he was physical enough to win over the fans.

Outstanding Forward: Brent Hughes again, or maybe Tallaire. Though as disappointing as Kelly Smart's season was, especially since he bore the burden of the "C," there's something to be said for being plus.

Fan Favorite: Why, Josh St. Louis of course. Just kidding (personally I think he got a bad rap but he certainly wasn't all he could be, whether that's a 25-goal scorer -- hey, who was? -- or just a guy who goes to net every single shift). I gotta give this one to Hughes again.

'Will to Win' Award: Could see Hughes taking this one too. I'd give it to Tallaire, which is also what I said last year. Lardner's in the mix (though he should've graduated to an "outstanding forward" candidate), ditto Olynyk.

Most Valuable Player: Jonathan Forest, by far.
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