Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Is there hockey South of Austin?

Sure there is, in Corpus Christi.

See, that's a joke, and so was the "afterthought" tone of my comment. Besides, I'm pretty sure I've linked to as many stories about the Killer Bees as any other team.

But yeah, my honest response to the Laredo-RGV series, typing from 1500 miles away, is, ho-friggin'-hum. There is nothing interesting about a first-round sweep by the best team in the league -- to fall back on the old expression, that's dog-bites-man, whereas Wichita's upset and the Indy/San Angelo comebacks are man-bites-dog. I guess if I thought the Bucks were overrated, or didn't have a chance against the North, there'd be a little more to talk about -- but those topics can wait until the finals anyway.

Otherwise, if I'm not talking about your team that must mean they aren't firing their coach, hiring a new coach, not selling tickets, cheating on their affiliation, fighting with their local government, pretending to sign Tonya Harding, making desperate trades, getting their best players suspended, saying something stupid to the press, choking in the playoffs, demanding stick measurements, announcing next year's signings early or demonstrating any of the other foibles that tend to make it into the blog. Count your blessings.
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