Monday, March 22, 2004


Is an illegal stick "CHEATING", or is it just another two-minute infraction, like a hook or hold or slash?

"When a goalie's stick is illegal, that just does not happen," the sour-grapes Eagles fan goes on to attest, which is surely news to Gilles Lemoche and veteran Toronto scribe Al Strachan.

Speaking of Strachan, here he is today on the cancellation of "NHL 2Nite" and hockey's next TV deal:

... if you run a network, you have to make programming plans. That's hard to do when you are dealing with a league that can't guarantee the existence of its product. It also is difficult for the NHL to take a hard line when its ratings have fallen below those of arena football. (There may be a message there. Arena football is all offence. NHL hockey is all defence. Note which one the fans prefer.)

Of course, most American fans would still prefer a 3-0 football game to a 7-6 hockey game, but that's another story.

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