Wednesday, March 17, 2004


I will soooooo take this:

It's Slap Shot and From Behind the Red Line and Bull Durham and North Dallas Forty all rolled up into one. Too much fun.

No fooling, I told someone those were my three favorite sports movies of all time just the other day.

Who knew beer grows on vines? Let the Brent Hughes watch begin anew!

A lot of dissatisfaction around the league right now, what with the Thunder situation and the rumored unpopular rule changes (though the one about playing 60 games is not a rumor). Still, for contrast, consider the WHA2, where the GM quit a troubled Jacksonville team, the owner (and league founder) fired back and all kinds of other stuff is going on, including the Miami team quasi-folding and a game cancelled due to unpaid insurance bills.

And just in case this stuff doesn't remind you enough of the bad old days in El Paso and Corpus Christi, Taylor Hall is not only part of the Alabama team but also the WHA2 discipline czar (a suspension for Ryan Anderson? I'm getting misty with nostalgia).

Next up: playoff predictions.

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