Tuesday, March 02, 2004

CHL Award Finalists.

Wow, six slots instead of five and Brent Hughes still didn't make the cut for Rookie of the Year. Given his poor plus/minus and the fact that he has just two goals in his last 20 games I'm not gonna get too worked up about that, but I'm still surprised.

MVP is where the real fun is -- if it was Cullaton as of a month ago, can it be Bes now? And where that does leave Grenville?

You can have the same conversation about Pankewicz, though it's easier to argue he's the big dog for the Eagles.

Clearly no one is more valuable to their teams than Reid or Levy, but goalies don't always get support. Conversely, Spurr isn't even the MVP of his own club. But does the emergence of Jeff Blair give rise to a "it's not Carroll, it's the system" groundswell?

And I may have to abstain from voting for defenseman to protest the absence of an actual defensive player.
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