Saturday, February 28, 2004

Three interpretations of this article on how the Blazers feel the league has gotten better.

1. Excuses, excuses.

2. "Actually, Sauter's not that good a coach, and Joe Burton wasn't all that good a player -- the old CHL was just an easy league."

3. "Our 2000-2001 championship team couldn't beat this year's squad, but despite knowing that, and despite making first-round exits the past two years, we couldn't coach or recruit a team good enough to be in the current upper echelon."

Oh, and I think Blair Manning meant "Border City."

Moving on, would you pay money to join the RiverKings message board? Not that it's especially important that the average trash-talking Bugs fan (or blogger) should have easy access to the forum, but what about turtle-lovers who don't happen to buy season tix? How 'bout the fans up on the Rock, or Luch Nasato's mom?

Meanwhile, Mark Richards should be back.

Meet your new Laredo Buck. And I don't think this rookie, a two-time almost 30-goal scorer in junior, is even Cullaton's replacement, i.e., someone else could still be on the way.

David Holt gives the rundown on the Thunder (indirectly).

Think the Leafs are pissed off at their webmaster? Good round-up of NHL trade rumours here.
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