Friday, February 13, 2004

That's right, it's time for the big bad, "it's been a while" blog. And no, it's not because there's nothing to say about the Ice Bats -- if anything, there's too much to say.

Like, so far, the trade has hurt both teams, or rather, it has hurt the Scorps -- the Bats are the same around-.500 club they were before.

Just been busy paying bills, which the blog (nor, sadly, the Statesman) doesn't do. Throw in the ragingly inconsistent Wi-Fi access at the Albuquerque Central KOA (which just ate another couple of hundred words right this very minute, damn it!) and it's like I disappear.

A few old ones still worth noting:

John Kaltefleiter: San Angelo WILL wear the Southwest Division crown on March 14. Hmmh, maybe I should have been more decisive today. Could be worse -- according to this poll Austin isn't even in the running.

Greg Rajan on Al Sims' recruiting faults.

Kudos to Chris Minard.

I would like to see linesman Randy Sappo's interpretation of the famous "head in his ass" illustration. Seriously, nice work, find out more in George Schneider's article in the new Just Hockey.

Tracey Egeland must be gunning for Coach of the Year votes with his "decisive" pulling of the goalie in the middle of a game, a description that led to this correction. Of course, we're talking about the same paper that said two teams make the playoffs from each CHL division not once but twice. Don't tell the Northeast coaches!

So let's see, what else have I missed in 10 days worth of Farm Reports? Ah yes, the whole Thunder lease issue (more reading here and here), along with the Indy to Topeka rumor. My opinion on the latter is, "ya never know," but Topeka does not have to take in a pre-existing team. With the UHL shaky and the CHL looking at Youngstown, OH, I don't know that Global would want to cede the Midwest turf.

And of course -- isn't this always the way? -- Wichita's deal has been overshadowed by Oklahoma City's re-negotiation. Has there been a more fascinating number this entire Central Hockey Leage season than 4932? Let's hear it for the Open Records Act!

Hey, I know how to fix this -- the Thunder and the Blazers can both move to New Mexico, where they and the Scorps can each have their own arena.
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