Thursday, February 26, 2004


Next time Brad Lund, Jeff Buch or Mark Adams feels picked on by the fans, they can take solace in the fact that nobody snaps at them like this:

Glen Sather stepped down as coach of the New York Rangers yesterday, apparently to spend more time in his role of franchise murderer.

Nothing like an an offhand remark to keep people wondering about the Bats, the Stars, a new arena and the AHL:

Stars president Jim Lites said the team would like its next major minor league affiliate to be in Texas. He said locations such as Wichita Falls or Austin would be good.

Voting has begun for the In the Crease logo contest. I gotta admit, I'm still partial to the stupid bunny-with-antlers, and I've got a soft spot for the angry crawfish too (got six year-old t-shirts of both, though I don't wear them in public). The Blazers crest is classic, while I don't like any of the five newest choices (Saints, 'Rillas, Bees, Bucks, Eagles).

Don't tell Osama, but Brett Hull is not exactly the best American scorer ever.

Good bench-eye read from Roy Lang, playing Mudbugs assistant for a day. And speaking of the Bugs, darned if Jean LaForest didn't turn that sorry college team around. So does he want to be the next Mike Eaves or Troy Ward, or will he look to get back in the pros?

You should also check out Greg Rajan's think piece on the evolution of the CHL (good bad or otherwise). And you gotta wonder what's gonna happen with the Rayz. Is Brent Hughes still an option? Will Cameron consider all of his (ECHL? UHL? Tulsa?).

And are the Thunder really moving to Topeka?

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