Monday, February 02, 2004

As usual, the trade deadline is an anti-climax, hardly surprising given the league's worst team did its sell-off a few weeks ago, and nothing was gonna top New Mexico's two deals.

The main thing is, there just aren't enough teams ready to count themselves out of it, and even then, a contending team can't just trade a third-liner and futures for an impact player without also sorting out the usual cap, vet and immigration issues.

So to sum up, Austin traded Way for Brandvold, Odessa dealt Williams for Saltmarsh and the Gorillas get Currie to take the place of Curry -- assuming Brent is interesting in playing.

But the real doozy, which involves the Bats, has yet to be announced. Let's just say any talk of Brady coming back is gonna end, as Greenlaw fills the hole left by Shawn Conschafter with a bit of a surprise.
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