Friday, January 23, 2004


Was it the all-star break? The trade? Having something to prove after a DUI? Odessa starts the second season well, beating a Fort Worth team that's 10-5-3 since Sims took over.

No lead is safe against the Eagles... but it definitely seems like the style favored by Muscutt or maybe Ken McRae has the best chance of giving Colorado trouble in the playoffs. Uncharacteristic of Bach to give up three straight shootout tallies, but how 'bout that Jeff Blair? Incredible to think he did so little for the Jacks, or that Forest, Haun and Hevey were ever in the mix for Bossier.

I joked to someone last night that given Austin's Jekyll/Hyde tendencies, they'd play great against Laredo and then drop the more important game against the Bees. Which means tonight's loss is a good thing, right? How 'bout this statistic: the Bucks have more power-play goals than any two of the other Southeast teams combined.

Not a pretty 20 minutes for the Rayz, who blew a huge chance to gain ground on both the clubs they're chasing. Mathematically, Corpus could still move past the Bats by winning on the 29th and 30th, but they'd have to beat the Saints and Bucks to even think about it (and the Bats would have to come up zeroes for the weekend).

You can't say fans in New Mexico didn't get two full nights of entertainment.

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