Saturday, January 03, 2004


Tonight's action:

Corpus-Indy: That bus ride back to Corpus can't be over soon enough.

Odessa-Lubbock: Kings break a seven-game losing streak, beat Jacks for the first time in six tries.

Tulsa-Memphis: Coach Richards is doing better than Coach Kaebel, though the RiverKings still have as many or more regulation losses as eight teams with lower winning percentages.

Colorado-Amarillo: You haven't officially joined the CHL until you've gone a few weeks with 14 players.

Austin-Rio Grande Valley: Can't the Bats play all their games at home?

Fort Worth-Bossier-Shreveport: The Brahmas are as hot as any team, though they coughed up a point to the hottest one tonight.

San Angelo-Laredo Still trying to decide if the Saints are that much better than the five Southern teams whose city names don't end with "o." Seems to be shaping up that way.

Oklahoma City-New Mexico: The Scorps, creeping up on the fourth playoff spot, have played 16 games against the Southern conference, but just one each against the four Northeast clubs.

And a happy night for all the grumpy Thunder fans!

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