Friday, January 23, 2004

Talk about confusing: Had to watch the All-Star Game from a Mudbugs perspective, then bought a Hardy Sauter game-worn ($200, quite the steal for the best offensive d-man in league history). Would have liked Tallaire's or Tetrault's, but missed out on that part of the auction.

And alas, by the time I interviewed the Bossier boys, fought with my modem for thirty minutes and filed a story, many players were long gone, even from the post-game shindig.

Thus, not much to report. Parsons was amazing as usual (his jersey went for $240, another total bargain). Jason Baird is the best player not enough people know about -- he blew my mind when I was in Indy a couple of weeks ago and did more of the same as MVP last night. Having received the break that Riley Nelson didn't, Patrik Nilson shined. Scott Reid's glove hand was on fire. Nathan Grobins poke-checked a breakaway when the score was 9-7 that probably destroyed the South's best chance to rise again.

Also lots of trade talk, with the home team already sending Alcombrack and Gorewich to Odessa for Pat Stachniak.

More intriguing: the names of a few Ice Bats who many would presume untouchable are in the air.

And while there was no doubt in my mind that if Laredo loses Cullaton for good, Roscoe could trade for another vet no problem, word is he already has a guy lined up outside the league.
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