Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Six goals, eight assists, +10.

Those are three-time all-star Daniel Tetrault's numbers if you take away six games in October.

Hey, I was a bit surprised myelf, but bottom line, he's the fifth highest-scoring defenseman in the conference, tied with Booth (who's going), and Butler (who is not). The only other options (speaking with the benefit of hindsight, natch) were a second Bucks defenseman or RGV's Mike Rees.

Rees has been incredibly important to his team, but the Bees captain has just one point in the last 14 games (five of them sat out with injury) after putting up 12 in the first 18.

And you can't tell me Dave McIntyre hasn't been the Cotton Kings best player, but he's dropped out of league's top 25 goal-scorers. Blaznek simply has more points (and more finesse, presumably).

And good for Scott Reid!

There must be three deserving Northern players for every one down South. Glad to see Jason Baird on the roster, as he dazzled me in Indy Friday. Cool to see someone like Fleck get there as well.
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