Friday, January 09, 2004

One thing about grading the Bats is any evaluation has to be based on high expectations as much as the team's consistent inconsistencies. If I was writing about the Killer Bees it would be "C"s all around, maybe even "B"s. And that's based not just on the general status of the two franchises, but specific comments by the coaches.

For example, Egeland told me before training camp that he wanted a team with lots of 20 goal-scorers but no stars, whereas Greenlaw said he thought St. Louis and Lardner could score 30 along with Smart and Tally, and that Seguin was set to return to 90 point form.

The Bees have met mid-season expectations by being essentially tied with the defending conference champion. The Bats have not by being essentially tied with an offensively-challenged expansion team.
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