Thursday, January 15, 2004


Ok, I lied about catching up, but what can I say... been busy selling Grit. 5000 points, I get a mountain bike. 10,000 points, Dave MacIntyre.

Say hello to Malcolm Cameron, and get ready for some surprising Corpus roster moves.

Meanwhile, Butch Kaebel sheds the "interim".

Fascinatingly blunt article by Darryl Reaugh on what he thinks about the Stars. Go ahead and sub "Bats" or "Jacks" or "Blazers" to suit your own preferences.

Also interesting to see the Stars' latest adjustment to the soft market and pending labor troubles.

And finally, here's the line-up for the All-Star Game Skills Competition (subject to change, of course)

Fastest Skater
Chad Spurr/Brent Cullaton
Jason Bermingham/Bill Newson
Mike Oliveira/Scott Hillman

Hardest Shot
North: Tyler Fleck, Scott Williamson, Derek Landmesser
South: Mike Tilson, Mark DeSantis, Chris Grenville

Accuracy Shootout
South: Joe Blaznek, Chris Minard, Jeff Bes
North: Don Parsons, Chad Woollard, Chris Richards

Rapid Fire
Bernie John and Ryan Tobler vs. Scott Reid
Derek Hahn and Gerald Tallaire vs. Nathan Grobins
Greg Pankewicz and Jason Baird vs. Shawn DeGagne
Sergei Dube and Sebastien Thinel vs. Ken Carroll

Breakaway Relay
Nathan Grobins vs. Daniel Tetrault, Scott Hillman, Gerald Tallaire, Derek Booth and Bill Newson
Scott Reid vs. Chad Spurr, Greg Pankewicz, Jason Bermingham, Ryan Tobler and Mike Oliveira
Ken Carroll vs. Derek Hahn, Sebastien Thinel, Chris Minard, Jeff Bes and Chris Grenville
Shawn DeGagne vs. Don Parsons, Hardy Sauter, Craig Minard, Chad Woollard and Chris Richards

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