Saturday, January 03, 2004

Maybe this explains David Brosseau's suspension. He's back with the Riverdogs now.

A little Ice Bats all-star note by me:

No Ice Bats were named as Southern Conference starters for the CHL All-Star Game on Jan. 22 in New Mexico, but Austin's Gerald Tallaire may well make the trip. Tallaire leads the Bats in scoring with eight goals and 22 assists, and he could be named an All-Star reserve when Laredo Coach Terry Ruskowski fills out his team Tuesday.

"He's the one guy that's standing out," Greenlaw said. "You need a representative from every team, and right now I really don't think anybody deserves to go except Tallaire or (goalie Jonathan) Forest."

Forest's case is hindered by the fact that he didn't join the Bats until Nov. 14, 11 games into the season. Nevertheless, he has a better goals-against average than San Angelo's Scott Reid and a better save percentage than Rio Grande Valley's Jeff Levy, two players Ruskowski will likely consider along with his own netminders.

To Tallaire's name you can apparently add Mike Tilson.

And speaking of the Rayz, it appears the Brent Hughes watch is coming to a close, without the former Ice Bats coach returning to the CHL. Awaiting official word on that.

CHL coaches: have you hugged your beat writer today?
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