Saturday, January 10, 2004


Here comes Rick Nichol: six games for J.F. Racine, a repeat offender who high-sticked Leiter in the head, then used his blocker to whack him there again.

Leiter got two games for retaliating, also to the head.

Moral of the story: don't hit people in the head.

In other transactions, Lubbock fans must be excited about Joey Grasso.

And it's not on the "Caller-Times" web site, but Greg Rajan has confirmed the Rayz' interest in Malcolm Cameron.

Sorry Tulsa fans, but I know which job I'd take. The Corpus gig comes with a personal recommendation from Bill McDonald, a sleeper bus, a new arena next year and a much better chance of making the playoffs out of the weaker South, especially. if Malcolm brings some players with him.

Plus it wouldn't suck for W.D. Sports -- and would be perfectly legal -- if Cameron told a few other former Stars, "oh yeah, New Mexico's a terrific place to play!"

Which means it's decision time for Hughes

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