Thursday, January 08, 2004

By my calculation, this would be -- cue "Jeopardy" theme -- Brent Hughes watch, Day 53.

And it's still not over!

"We had a real nice conversation," Doug Frank told the "Caller-Times." "Nothing's done one way or another."

With things apparently coming to a head, I spoke to Hughes today.

It's not a matter of me not wanting to go there, I'm just deciding what's best for my family right now, he said. [Frank] really wants me to come down and get started and feel the team out for next year. He's been more than good to me -- he's definitely someone I would like to work for.

Now, I'd always thought Hughes might come down to Corpus for just the next two months -- maybe even live in the Omni and leave the kids in school up north -- then see what the future held as far as AHL or major juniors before committing to another year. But now it sounds like maybe if he does this, it will be for keeps, which makes the long deliberation understandable.

Of course, it's also plausible he needn't come at all --- Dunn could stay behind the bench, and the job could still belong to Hughes come May.

I'm kind of laying my options out. I've been home here with my family and I'm looking to get into something for sure, but I don't know if now's the time or not. Am I gonna come down for 10 weeks, see what happens and leave my options open, or wait until the end of the year and leave every option open? I'm 50—50 right now. I could be on a plane Saturday or Sunday, you never know.

Back to that "Jeopardy" theme!
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