Tuesday, January 27, 2004


A bit of catching up, while hoping all the traded players paid their bar tab:

Who says Cruickshank doesn't call anything?

Malcolm Cameron on Friday's loss to Rio Grande: "It was the worst effort I've seen in the last two years". So where did Saturday rank?

Props to Odessa -- any time the Bucks lose is man-bites-dog for sure.

Another "ZR" style road-trip story, this time from San Angelo.

By the way, who do you suppose is more overlooked around the CHL -- the Saints, or Guerrera and Emond?

News to Philippe Boucher, I'm quite certain.

Good quote from Craig McTavish in the Dallas Morning News regarding visors:

What would I know? I'm the authority on stupidity. What would I have done with a visor? Bolt it to my forehead?

And when I saw the score of the Rangers-Sens game, I knew Sunday would be a good day to read Larry Brooks

Manny Matsakis remind you of anybody?

Don't know why the San Antonio hockey fans call Claude Scott Crazy Claude. He's Claude the Happy Trumpeter, and he's been around a long time -- as long as Derek Booth. Actually, longer.

I know we Austin hockey fans are supposed to look down on Arena Football, but I just watched five solid minutes of Dallas Desperados coverage on Fox Sports Southwest (right after the Stars game). There's also a full-page ad in Sports Illustrated. Plus, Elway and Bon Jovi. We're talking a whole other level of bush-league sport here.

The arena plot thickens in New Mexico.

And finally, check out George Wyatt's All-Star Game pics.

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