Monday, January 12, 2004


Big surprise: Cameron goes to Corpus, though if you read the article, the most interesting thing is that he's only in it for the season (at least for now), which leaves a window cracked for Hughes.

Though not, presumably, if Cameron and four players from this list get the Rayz back over .500 and into second place, which I'm afraid (speaking as a Bats person) is all too possible.

Check out Sonya Ewan's latest Inside Edge piece, an entertaining look at various issues, rituals and personalities related to the hockey fight.

And if you're looking for a copy of Soft Ice, the recently aired documentary about the Fort Worth Brahmas, e-mail director Brent Stanley for purchase information. Hopefully more PBS stations in CHL viewing areas will get to show it down the line -- wouldn't hurt to contact your local affiliate and tell 'em that you'd like to see it.

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