Sunday, December 21, 2003

The Thunder got the win, but the point gets Scott Muscutt the Northern coaching nod. Somebody buy the man a new blue blazer and khakis to wear in Albuquerque!

I don't know what was sadder for the Bats tonight, that five goals is one of the team's three best offensive performances and they lost, or that Joey Bastien struck the final blow against them.

Since Al Sims seems to be working out well for the Brahmas, I say every struggling team should try recycling. How 'bout a little game of musical coaches?

Tomlinson to Wichita, 'cause gloves will drop.

Laxdal to Odessa, where they'll treat him like a human being.

Inglis to Lubbock, 'cause he's the closest thing they'll get to Bill McDonald.

McKee to Austin, 'cause no one will mistake him for one of the boys.

Wiley to Tulsa, as I've already said.

Greenlaw to Memphis, as allegedly was planned.

And of course, Hughes to Corpus would complete the circle.

Macker can stay put, though he probably wouldn't mind if his team was back in the Southwest.
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