Sunday, December 28, 2003

There's Blazers-Bats coverage in the American-Statesman, but since my "with quotes" story didn't make the web site, check out an expanded version here.

Reconsidering Scott Reid... there's no question he has caught up with DeGagne, and outplayed him yesterday. Wonder if they'll both go in the rematch?

The main difference is, Reid was equally great in November and December, whereas DeGagne was the best goalie in the league by far in November and merely good in December.

So I do think there's a good chance Reid will join DeGagne at the All-Star Game, as the league usually tries to send the top two vote-getters at that position (Brent Hughes just happened to have one of them each of the last three seasons).

But again, Guerrera trumps both Southwestern goalies if he plays a little more. (Kind of a tough deal, sending Guerrera to SA just so rusty Rampage back-up Simon Lajeunesse could play in the ECHL. But he's back now.)

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